and this is the hard one that i talked about before

this is harder than the dragon illusions I’m still trying to make so if any one make it please tell me in a comment

this is the dragon illusion tha i talked about before

this is the beginner 3D illusion.  for the first trial just make the head

3D illusions

their are too many 3D illusions that you won’t believe. some of them are easy but the others you will take a long time to make them if you are a beginner you better start withe¬†the dragon illusion, it take almost 15 min to be done

illusion draws

to make one plye a paper to half draw somthing as italic to the plye then contine the draw as italic to the other side then plye the paper a little bit and look to it from the side until the lines become strayte and you will have your illusion draw

ps: if ur looking from the left side make th draw italik to the left side